Polar Bear for the big boy, and his fiancé

My nephew is meant to have married his beautiful fiancé in Greece this month, however, due to Covid-19 this has been put on hold. My mother was upset as she is now 83, and was looking forward to the big day. Sadly, in May my beloved Mama was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Mama decided that she wanted to organise things ‘her way’ this included a wedding present. She had seen Paul’s work at Potfest in Hutton-in-the-Forrest and loved the wonderful quality of his large sculptural pieces. We contacted him, and he has literally bent over backwards, sending many pictures of pieces for us to choose one, and packing it up, including a spot on card with a personal message from Mama.

Many years ago when the Groom was a little boy learning to ski, he saw a Polar Bear in the window of a shop in Corchavel, Mama enquired, to be told by a snooty lady it was “not for sale” after Christmas she asked again, with the same response. I gather this Polar Bear was part of their Christmas window, and ever year off he went to try to buy the Polar Bear.

Finally Mama has found a better, more beautiful, unique Polar Bear for the big boy, and his fiancé!

Justin H