Italian Clay Masterclass with Paul Smith

The Grem Bike Hostel in Premolo, Italy, is proud to host British Artist Paul Smith, who will lead a two-day sculpture masterclass on the creation of human and animal figures in clay.

Paul Smith Sculptor
Photo: Krishna Alageswaran (#artwithkrishna)


Saturday 6th July

Heads and horse: after an introduction to Paul’s work, we will start by making a few small clay heads. Then, after a short demonstration, we will each make a clay horse.

Sunday 7th July

Glazing: after an evening of conversation and good food, we will carry on to finish the clay horses. There will also be time to make a small seated figure, and, lastly, we will look at glazing.

All-inclusive package: € 349

  • 2 days of clay sculpture masterclass (max group size of 12)
  • Clay and working materials
  • Firing of one sculpture
  • 1 night’s stay with breakfast
  • 2 lunches and 1 dinner
The price includes:
  • 2 days of clay sculpture masterclass (workshop hours: 10am to 4.30pm each day )
  • Clay and working materials
  • Firing of a sculpture among those created during the masterclass
  • 1 night’s stay with breakfast in a shared room (in case of request for single use there is a supplement of €35)
  • 2 lunches and 1 dinner
The price does not include:
  • All the material described in the following item “What you need to bring”
  • Drinks and desserts
  • Any shipping costs of the fired sculpture
  • Anything not mentioned in the “price includes”
What you need to bring (if you can’t find everything, don’t worry, we will provide and improvise!):
  • A sketchbook and a pen
  • An apron, a bucket and a towel
  • Any clay tools you have: alternatively we will supply a knife, fork and spoon (not just for eating!)
  • A cake turntable stand (like this one)
  • A hair dryer or heat gun (the kind that is used to strip paint) – this will be used to speed along the drying process of the clay a little
  • An image of an animal that you feel inspired by
  • A medium-sized cardboard box, filled with bubble wrap or crumpled newspapers (to wrap some of your finished clay sculptures)
  • your enthusiasm and fun spirit!

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