An artist during lockdown


Hi Everyone,

As an artist working on my own in my studio most of the time, some things have not changed very much.  I am still open for business and I am able to send out parcels. I am continuing to finish commissioned artwork and build up stock for when the shows and fairs start up again. 

Here are some of my very personal thoughts about being an artist in lockdown –


I’m sure that my list of downsides to the coronavirus situation is similar to most other people’s – not being able to travel and be in close contact with friends and relatives mostly.

For me to make a living, the shows and fairs are very important, sadly they are all cancelled at the moment. Hopefully, this might change towards the end of Summer?

Figures in Kiln for second firing
Figures in Kiln for second firing


The positives of this situation (even bearing in mind the risk to everyone’s health at the moment) – I have found that I have a bit more time now that the shows are cancelled.  I am still working (I haven’t resorted to watching multiple box sets just yet!), but the way I market my work has had to change. I spend a lot more time on social media showing my work, which thankfully has brought interest and sales.  I have enjoyed being with my partner and our neighbours (2 metres apart of course) more and regular Zoom dinner parties are keeping us in touch with people further afield.  On a creative note, I am planning to devote the foreseeable future to developing new work – it’s a bit like being a student again, without so many of the usual pressures.

It looks like being quite a creatively productive time – I will try my best 🙂

As and when I finish new work I will continue to post photographs of it on Instagram and Facebook, so keep a lookout for the new pieces.

Whilst I realise how fortunate I am still to be getting a steady trickle of orders and to be enjoying the beautiful countryside around our home, I know that others are not in the same position. I am very grateful to all the NHS and other essential workers that keep this country functioning in these difficult times.

Stay safe and well. 

Paul Smith
April 2020

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